Home Reporting an Alveo Issue

If you discover some aspect of Alveo that does not operate correctly and you wish to report it to the Alveo development team, you are requested to use this method, which is provided in the Alveo web application.

To Report an Alveo Issue…

  • Click on your email address on the right hand end of the Alveo Navigation Bar to show the dropdown menu.
  • Click on Report An Issue to display the Issue Reporting screen.
  • Type a description of the issue into the Description field. You are requested to ensure that you have described the steps that are required to reproduce the issue, what the expected result is and what actually occurs.
  • Click Send Feedback to trigger sending of an email to the Alveo development team. Your email address, the URL of the Alveo server and the Alveo version number will be automatically included in this report.

  • Problems in the Galaxy / Alveo tools (Alveo Data Importer and ParseEval), and the Alveo R library can also be reported here.

Please do not report problems in Galaxy itself, the R environment, EMU or the EMU prerequisite libraries using this method. These are separate products and should be reported according to the advertised reporting methods of those products.