Home Operation Basics

The Main Screen

Alveo’s main screen has four important elements:


The Navigation Bar which includes your email address – it’s always the same, no matter what screen you’re displaying. It’s even similar before you log in, when you display the Alveo web site and for this Alveo Help.

    • Click Discover, Item Lists or Collections to change what is displayed in the Operation Area.
      • Clicking on the Alveo icon is the same as clicking on Discover.
      • Click on your email address to see the Administration options menu.

The Operation Area – which reflects the Navigation item you have clicked.

The Funder Acknowledgement area recognises the funding source for the Alveo project.

The Program Version info – which shows the Alveo program version you’re connected to.

Using the Alveo API

In addition to the Alveo web user interface, the Alveo Collections can be accessed programmatically using the Alveo HTTP API as described in the HTTP API Reference page of this help. This API is used by both Galaxy / Alveo and by the EMU R Library functions which extract data from Alveo.

Use of this API requires an API Key. See What’s an API Key? for more information about your API Key.