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Server Status Update

An update on the new server deployment. The Alveo repository is now re-installed on new infrastructure at NCI Canberra. All collections are re-ingested and should be available as before but there are a couple of unresolved issues that we are still working on.

  • AAF logins are not yet working so you will need to login with a username/password if you have one
  • we’re not able to send mail from the server so you will not be able to get password reminders or create new accounts

Unfortunately, in combination these problems might block many users who previously used AAF login to access Alveo. We are working on both issues and hope to have them resolved next week.

The ingest of the full Austalk collection was interrupted at some point and so not all of the collection is present. We will be re-ingesting this collection this weekend (19-20 Nov) so hopefully it will be fully available next week.

One new collection is now available, MAVA is a collection of Audio-Visual read speech from a single speaker collected by Vincent Aubanel from Western Sydney University.

I will post further updates as things change.

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