Home Accessing Alveo

There are two methods of getting access to the Alveo Web Service…

      • Direct Login
        • Accessing via AAF (The Australian Access Federation) authorisation system.

Direct Login

If you have not already accessed Alveo, you will need to request a login account.

To request an Alveo login account…

  • Go to the Alveo Login screen at http://app.alveo.edu.au/
  • Click New User. The New User dialog will be displayed.
  • Enter the requested information about yourself and enter your choice of password. Your password must meet these requirements.
      • be between 6 and 20 characters long
        • have at least one uppercase letter
        • have at least one lowercase letter
        • have at least one digit
        • have at least one symbol (i.e. ~!@#$%^&*()_+ etc.)
  • Click Submit Request.

Enter your email address exactly as recommended by your academic institution

It is recommended that you enter your email address exactly as it is recommended by your academic institution. If you later switch to using AAF authentication and wish to access the same account, Alveo will check for an exact match between this email address and your email address as supplied by your academic institution via the AAF authentication service. Even better, set up your account using AAF and you will be guaranteed that it’s exactly right. You’ll receive an email with the email address as Alveo sees it and a password for you to use for direct login. See AAF Authentication below.

After Submitting your Request, an email will be sent to the Alveo administrator to consider your request for an Alveo account. If your request is granted, you will receive an email response, after which you may login.

To log in to Alveo…

  • Go to the Alveo Login screen at http://app.alveo.edu.au/
  • Enter your email address and password, as previously entered in the New User dialog.
  • Click Log in. The Alveo system will open and you will see the main view.

AAF Authentication

AAF Authentication is a federated login method that is supported by many academic and research establishments in Australia. It is implemented by the Australian Access Federation (see ).

To request an Alveo account using AAF Authentication…

  • Click AAF Log in and then the Log in via AAF button. The AAF login dialog will be displayed. This dialog is part of the AAF support and not part of Alveo. It should be the same as logging in to other systems using AAF. Refer to your academic institution for more information about how this works.
  • Enter your AAF credentials as required by the AAF system. When logging in for the first time, an email will be sent to the Alveo Administrator to consider your request for an Alveo account. You will receive an email response indicating if your request has been accepted or refused.
  • When you receive an email response to your Alveo access request, click AAF Log in and then Log in via AAF again to show the AAF log in screen.
  • Log in using your usual AAF credentials.

A cookie is saved when you log in with AAF. If it has not expired, when you click again on Log in via AAF you will be taken directly to the main Alveo operation screen without needing to re-enter your credentials.

Switching Authentication Methods

Once you have an Alveo account, you can switch freely between these two authentication methods, provided your email addresses for the two methods match exactly. If you created your account via AAF authentication, you will need to use the password that was provided in the Alveo welcome email. Of course, you can change this password at any time. See Updating Your Account Details.

So You Forgot Your Password, Did You?

Forgetting your password is not helpful, but it’s generally not a problem.

If you’ve forgotten your academic institution password for AAF authentication, you will need to contact your academic institution’s systems support staff.

If you’ve forgotten your Alveo direct login password, click I forgot my password on the Alveo login screen. You will be asked to enter your email address. Then follow the on-screen instructions to receive an email with further instructions for resetting your Alveo direct login password. (This process is automatic. The email is sent immediately, and you may log in and change your password immediately to something you can remember.)