Home Accepting Licences to Access Collections

A link to the Alveo Review and Acceptance of Licence Terms dialog also appears in a blue “Welcome!” box for some seconds each time you display the Discover tab.

The first time you login to Alveo, you will not have any licences to access any Collections. Until you have access to at least one Collection, most Alveo operations are not available to you.

Some collections may have sensitive content, especially those requiring manual licence approval.
No matter which Collection you select, you should understand the licence conditions thoroughly before requesting or agreeing to a licence. The licences are not all the same!

To gain access to Collections…

  • Click on your email address at the top-right of the main screen and select My Licence Agreements from the menu which appears. You will be taken to the Review and Acceptance of Licence Terms dialog, which is shown below.
  • Click on any Collection name in this dialog to see information about that Collection. In some cases, the name represents a Collection List and is shown as a button. Clicking on the Collection List button will take you to a dialog in which you can view the details of the individual Collections within this Collection List. However, the licence still applies to the entire Collection List. Return to the Review and Acceptance of Licence Terms dialog to accept the licence terms.
  • Click on Preview & Accept Licence Terms to accept a Collection’s licence and gain access to that collection. Access is granted immediately.


To request access to a Collection requiring manual licence approval…

  • Click Review Licence Terms to see the licence terms for this Collection. Review these carefully.
  • Click Close to return to the previous screen.
  • Click Request Access. An email will be sent by Alveo to a representative for the Collection’s owner to consider your request. When your request is authorised, you will receive an email, and you will then be able to access the collection. You do not need to revisit this screen. If your request is denied, you will receive an email with a reason for the denial.