Home Transferring Data to Galaxy for Processing

Launching Galaxy / Alveo

You can access the Galaxy server from the link in the menu bar on the Alveo site, or just enter the URL http://galaxy.alveo.edu.au/ directly.

To work with Alveo data on Galaxy, use the Alveo tools to transfer item lists and documents to the Galaxy server. The main tools you will need to use are:

  • Store Alveo API Key – stores your API key so that other tools can use it
  • Import Item List Names Retrieves the list of Item Lists from Alveo

  • Get Item URLs for Item List Retrieves Item URLs from an Alveo Item List

  • Get Alveo Data for Items Downloads files from the items in an Galaxy list of items

The following video shows how to use these tools to get a set of files uploaded to Galaxy.

Galaxy Operation Basics

Mostly, Galaxy operation is out of scope for this Help. However, there are a few simple tips included here to get you started.

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