Home Downloading Alveo Data to Your Computer

You can download all of the data in an Item List to your computer as a Bagit ZIP file.

Bagit is a simple ZIP file format, which contains a directory structure based on the Items in your Items List and the Documents in each Item. You can find information about the Bagit format and further links on the Wikipedia Bagit page.

To Download an Item List as a ZIP File…

  • Click on Item Lists in the Alveo Navigation Bar. The names of your available Item Lists will be displayed.
  • Click on the name of the Item List you want to download. The Items in the Item List will be displayed.
  • Click Item List Actions and select Download as ZIP from the dropdown menu that is displayed. A File Save dialog will be displayed.
  • Select the directory into which you wish to save the ZIP file and click Save.

The format of the downloaded Bagit ZIP file will match this example.


  • The top level of the ZIP file has some .TXT files containing information files about the BAGIT format and this ZIP file in particular.
  • The JSON format stores key/value pairs. It is (somewhat) human readable, but the most convenient way to directly view it is to use a JSON plug-in for your browser. There are many available. There are also many JSON readers available for a wide variety of programming languages, which permit automatic processing of these files. The instructions for installing the R environment for EMU/R include an instruction to install a JSON reading package. Information about JSON can be found at .