Home Concordance and Word Frequency

Alveo provides two functions to help you investigate word frequency and context in all of the text documents of your currently displayed Item List.



The Concordance option finds matches with a single word from all text documents in the Item List. It does not search the Metadata.

To do a concordance word search…

  • Select Item Lists from the Alveo Navigation Bar.
  • Click on the Item List that you want to do your Concordance search in.
  • Click on the Concordance/Frequency button and select Concordance from the dropdown list. The other contents of the control change to show only one other field with the words Search term… displayed in it.
  • Click in the Search term… box and type in one word only. (Concordance does not support mutliple words in this box.)
  • Click on the magnifying glass, or press Enter. All Documents in the current Item List will be searched for all occurrences of this word and their context will be displayed, as shown here.


Word Frequency

This option lets you determine the frequency of occurrence of a nominated word or words in your currently displayed Item List and tabulate it by a nominated Metadata Facet.

To list a word’s frequency…

  • Click on Item Lists in the Alveo Navigation Bar.
  • Select the Item List you wish to invsestigate.
  • Click in the Concordance/Frequency control and select Frequency from the dropdown list (if it is not already selected). The other contents of the control change to show two other fields.
  • Click in the middle question box (which shows Collection by default) and from the dropdown list select the Metadata Facet by which you want the word frequency broken down.
  • Click in the last question box (which shows Search List…) and type in the word or words you want to search for. (You cannot enter a complex search term here, just a simple list of words with spaces between them.)
  • Click on the magnifying glass or press Enter. The results of the frequency analysis will be displayed, as shown here.

There are five Items in the “Cats and Dogs” Item List, which was used for this example.


Saving These Summaries

These refined lists are for information only. You cannot perform any actions or further calculations on them.

If you wish, you can highlight the screen text, copy it and paste it into another document. Alternatively, you can copy the view to the clipboard. (On Windows, use Alt+PrintScreen.)