The Alveo Virtual Laboratory

Alveo is a Virtual Lab for Human Communication Science.

Alveo provides on-line infrastructure for accessing human communication data sets (speech, texts, music, video, etc.) and for using specialised tools for searching, analysing and annotating that data.

Alveo hosts a number of important speech and language data collections such as Austalk, Mitchell & Delbridge and the MARCS Auditory-Visual Australian corpus. All available through the web and a programmable API.

Open Alveo

What’s the Problem?

One of the first things we developed on the project is a problem statement. This is intended as a high level summary of the problem we’re trying to solve in building the HCS Virtual Laboratory. I t...

First HCSvLab Workshop at SST2012

The ink isn’t quite dry on the contracts yet but we took the opportunity of having the Speech Science and Technology conference at Macquarie University to run a short workshop on the Virtual Labor...