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Project Idea: Galaxy Wrapper for SIDEKIT

This is one of a series of posts describing projects related to Alveo that might be suitable for Computer Science students to take on as a class project.

SIDEKIT is a speech processing library from Anthony Larcher & Kong Aik Lee & Sylvain Meignier of LIUM, Université du Maine in France.

The toolkit provides a Python interface to a collection of routines for speaker and language identification, including:

  • Acoustic features extraction
  • Modeling and classification
  • Presentation of the results

This looks like a good candidate to be turned into a set of tools for the Galaxy workflow engine to allow speaker and language identification workflows to be developed. As an outcome of the project, the student could develop a number of workflows to illustrate speaker and language identification experiments that evaluate the performance of SIDEKIT on data from the Alveo platform.

Contact Steve Cassidy if you are interested in this project.

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