The Alveo Virtual Laboratory

Alveo is a Virtual Lab for Human Communication Science.

Alveo provides on-line infrastructure for accessing human communication data sets (speech, texts, music, video, etc.) and for using specialised tools for searching, analysing and annotating that data.

Alveo hosts a number of important speech and language data collections such as Austalk, Mitchell & Delbridge and the MARCS Auditory-Visual Australian corpus. All available through the web and a programmable API.

Open Alveo

Project Idea: Galaxy Wrapper for SIDEKIT

This is one of a series of posts describing projects related to Alveo that might be suitable for Computer Science students to take on as a class project. SIDEKIT is a speech processing library fro...

New Version of Pyalveo Module Released

Pyalveo is the Python module that interfaces to the Alveo web API to allow automation of any task relating to Alveo. I have just made a new version (0.5) available on PyPI, the Python package repos...

Alveo Workshop – Perth, June 2016

Hosted by the Big Data Processing and Mining Group at UWA, 13 researchers, including 6 members of the Alveo Steering Committee met for 2 days to discuss further improvements to the platform and how...

Report from SocioPhonAus 2016 Brisbane

I was invited to give a presentation on Alveo and Austalk at First workshop on Sociophonetic Variability in the English Varieties of Australia held at Griffith University in Brisbane in June. The w...

Accessing AusTalk in Alveo

AusTalk is a large collection of spoken Australian English collected in the last few years at sites around Australia. When the collection is complete it will have close to 1000 speakers each with a...

Using Alveo in teaching

Students at Monash University used Alveo as part of an introductory course in computational linguistics this year. The students completed an assignment which used basic techniques of corpus linguis...

Alveo Interview from NeCTAR

NeCTAR have just published a story on their news page about the Alveo Launch including the video above where I am interviewed about the work that is supported by Alveo.

Alveo Launch Video

A brief tour of Alveo made for the official launch on 1 July 2014.

Alveo presentation, Open Repositories 2014

Alveo presentation, Open Repositories 2014 by Steve Cassidy,Dominique Estival, Peter Sefton, Jared Berghold & Denis Burnham is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International L...

Alveo Hackfest

Preceding the official launch of Alveo on July 1 we will be holding a Hackfest for a hands-on day with Alveo. We hope the outcome of the day will be some exciting ideas and maybe even the start of ...