Getting Access to Alveo and Galaxy

There are four aspects to accessing to Alveo.

The Alveo web server requires that users have an Alveo login account, which is accessed using your email address and a password. For instructions on creating and using such an account…    Accessing Alveo
In addition, some Alveo functions require that the user also has a Galaxy login account for the Galaxy Research site. For instructions on creating and using such an account…    Accessing Galaxy on Alveo
Collections of data accessible using Alveo come from various sources. Some of this data relates to the personal communications of individuals, and as such, it should be treated with care and its privacy preserved. Most of these sources require an assurance that their users understand the level of sensitivity and have acknowledged their understanding.    Accepting Licences to Access Collections
Alveo can also be accessed by programs directly using its HTTP Application Program Interface (API). To understand how system integrity is preserved during API access    What’s an API Key?