Uploading Data Files from Your Computer

Data files can be directly uploaded into Galaxy / Alveo from your computer. They are then usable in the same way as data files imported from the Alveo Collections.

Uploading data to Galaxy / Alveo is not the same as uploading data to Alveo.

The data you upload will only be available to you on Galaxy / Alveo, not via any Alveo feature. Alveo is a tool for discovering data in its pre-loaded Collections. There is currently no feature provided to upload data to Alveo.

To Upload Data Files from your Computer…
  • Click above the Tools column at the left of the Galaxy screen. The dialog shown below will be displayed.
  • Drag a file from your computer’s file explorer and drop it onto this window. They file’s name and size will be shown in a new line in the table.
  • Drag additional files into this window if you want to upload multiple files. Each file is shown on a new line.
  • Select the options you require for each file from the Type, Genome and Space > Tab controls.
  • Click to start the upload process. All of the listed files are uploaded.
  • Click to close the dialog after the upload operation completes.


  • You can do this operation whether you have launched Galaxy from Alveo, or run it independently from the http://galaxy.alveo.edu.au/ URL.
  • If you prefer, you can click in preference to dragging a file from your computer’s file explorer.